Ritual cuts

ritual cuts

I mentioned scoring bread at the café attached to the Fred Segal store. Mauro’s Café, it was called. As I remember it, above the entrance the red and blue letters of Fred Segal…If I had no bread, hadn’t picked it up at Trader Joe’s or Ralph’s, with the red sign and white letters, the one on Sunset, the large parking lot, and the other on La Brea, here I bought loaves from La Brea Bakery, marked down with the Ralph’s card
[“Ottoman,” by Vampire Weekend…memories of driving from West Hollywood to West LA on a weeknight]
[Portugal, The Man, “Work All Day,” brings back LA, driving, towards the end]
…shuffled in my green Havaianas flip flops
[Arcade Fire, “Modern Man,” lyrics, “How come you can’t sleep at night…I’m a modern man…”]
…but which of them actually made it out of that studio, did they, ever? Would I end up in one?
[“Memories,” by David Guetta, plays – a fitting track, I think, for writing this.]