“Imagine the gray hour…” -Camus

Where I wrote “Turkey” in the margins but, likely, many a place would do:

“I could not do without the soil.” -Letters to a German Friend, Third Letter

“…with the blood of men.” -The Blood of Freedom

“This dreadful travail will give birth to a revolution.” -The Blood of Freedom

“It lies in his decision to be stronger than his condition.” -The Night of Truth

“They were served coffee and then handcuffed.” -The Flesh

“Between the forces of terror and the forces of dialogue, a great unequal battle has begun.” -The Unbeliever and Christians

“The world I live in is loathsome to me, but I feel one with the men who suffer in it.” -Why Spain?

“to bear witness and shout aloud, every time it is possible, insofar as our talent allows, for those who are enslaved as we are.” -Why Spain?

“Thus, in my opinion, there are to ways for an intellectual to betray at present, and in both cases he betrays because he accepts a single thing…” -Bread and Freedom

“And if anyone, knowing it, still think heroically that one’s brother must die rather than one’s principles, I shall go no farther than to admire him from a distance. I am not of his stamp.” -Preface to Algerian Reports

“And censorship, always stupid, whether resulting from shame or cynicism, will not change anything about these truths.” -Preface to Algerian Reports

“When violence answers violence in a growing frenzy that makes the simple language of reason impossible, the role of intellectuals cannot be, as we read everyday, to excuse from a distance one of the violences and condemn the other.” -Preface to Algerian Reports

“Let me repeat, this is our wager.” -The Artist and His Time

“Like all freedom, it is a perpetual risk, an exhausting adventure, and this is why people avoid the risk today, as they avoid liberty with its exacting demands, in order to accept any kind of bondage and achieve at least comfort of soul.” -Create Dangerously

“Today everything is changed and even silence has dangerous implications.” -Create Dangerously